Playmobil Police Car

Most of the people I know who fall into my age group grew up playing with Playmobil (unless they do not have a childhood :-P).

I still recalled that my dad bought my brother and myself the cowboy and red Indians Playmobil set way back in the 1980s, and it kept us entertained for countless hours. In fact, I was so obsessed with the playset that I slept with them on my bed, resulting in broken hands for the cowboy figures (sorry bro, I have finally mustered enough courage to make this confession and I am sorry that you got blamed for all the broken figures last time) 😛

While I still have some of the old figures from way back, they are all in a state of disrepair and I have since retired them to my Playmobil mortuary for their well deserved rest. They have served their master well. Amen.

It would therefore, be incorrect to say that the Playmobil Police Car set which I am going to show in this post is my very 1st set. However, it will not be incorrect to say that it was the 1st set which I bought from overseas with my own pay check. Yes, this set was actually bought in London when I went backpacking there in 2003.

Being the impulsive buyer that I am who is sometimes (ok. ok. usually) prone to acts of stupidity, I had bought the set in one of the London shop and lagged it around throughout my trip, when I could have also gotten the same set back in Singapore. But well, as they say, no point in bringing up the past.

Anyway, this set remains one of my favourite Playmobil set because well, er, its just nice I guess. Need a Police car with officers to patrol your toy town. No problem! Need a Police car to save your trapped Playmobil cat on a tree? No problem! Need a …Ok. You get the point and I rest my case. Go get one for yourself and your kids now. This is an order! 🙂

Playmobil Police Car & Officers!

4D number anyone?

Police car with openable boot and flashing police lights (just press the button above).

Hands up or I'

Tools of the trade.

Shooting bird...

Show me your IC or I'll hit you with the stop sign.

Time for our lunch break! Bye!


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